Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birth control fail.

I think I mentioned on here that I went on the minipill for birth control, right? Because I didn't want the notion of a miracle unplanned pregnancy niggling at the back of my brain at all times, setting me up for constant heartbreak and disappointment. Also because I thought it would help my acne.

Well, the first concern isn't much of one, since we're now 9 weeks postpartum and have yet to have sex (TMI, sorry). I don't see it happening anytime soon, either, because honestly we'd both rather sleep.

And my dermatologist told me today that progesterone will actually make my acne worse, so I'm pretty much done with the minipill.

Here's the failure part. I got the rx on a Tuesday and my OB told me to start it right away. I was 5 weeks postpartum. I filled the rx, got home, and went to start the pill. Well the packaging was different than I was used to, and the baby was probably crying, and I was sleep deprived...

Long story short, I started the pill at "Tuesday" because, well, it was Tuesday! I was at least a week into it before I realized my mistake. So I said screw it and just kept taking them the way I had been. So, the last two pills I took ("Sunday" and "Monday) really should have been the first two pills I took.

The result being that it's been a week since I took a BCP and I still have no period.

Yeah, I'm pretty much done with birth control.


MaryMargaret said...

This sounds like me. BCP just don't work for me. I have no idea what we're going to do once the twins get here. Probably just avoid sex (like we'll have time for that anyway, right?!). I hope your cycles get back on track soon!

thebunlessoven said...

Hi there - have just discovered your blog and wanted to say hi!

My obs discussed birth control with me and it was so weird. After so long trying to *get* pregnant, it's now the other way around!?


Katrina said...

Poop! Maybe a different brand? Since the new implant versions came out I've thought that if I were to go on contraception again for any period of time that I would prefer to use those. You don't have to remember to take a pill every day, and they're removable.

Stacy said...

Are you breastfeeding? My period didn't come back until my son was 10 months. I hate BCP, they really messed up my cycle!

Brad & Rachel said...

My period didn't come back until my daughter was 13 months old, I was breastfeeding and on the mini pill.