Thursday, June 14, 2012

super quick update

Pumping is going a lot better. I rented the hospital pump, and didn't get any immediate success. Then I talked to the LC who told me to turn the suction down. Impatient me was pumping at a 7 (the max) and getting nothing. When I pump at a 1, I actually get milk. This morning I got 2oz, the most I've ever gotten (without skipping a feeding). I also bought XL breast shields and that has helped a lot. I'm going to continue with the fenugreek (6 pills a day) although I don't know if I'll buy more when it runs out. All it seems to do is make me smell like maple syrup.

Last night little A slept from 10:30-7:30 with wake ups to nurse at 12:45, 1:45, and 4:45. A few nights ago he was awake from 12-5:30am, so I'm taking this as a huge win. His first two sleeps were in his bassinet and then he came to bed with me in the morning hours.

He is napping right now, and for the first time I put him down in his crib. Of course I have the monitor on and all the way up and will probably still go upstairs to check on him every few minutes.

Here's a peek at one of our newborn portraits!


Alex said...

SO glad to hear the hospital pump is helping. It's amazing to hear about the lower suction helping - very cool! Maybe your breasts are just super sensitive, and don't respond well to too much pressure...

That sounds like a great sleeping schedule, especially now. I had a really hard time with my Alex at that age, she was waking up every hour after midnight. And that was after I got her to sleep at all during that time - just like yours, she was awake for huge stretches in the middle of the night early on. Exhausting!!!

That's awesome that you're transitioning to the bassinet and crib so well. Sounds like you're doing an amazing job!!!

LOVE the newborn pic - precious!!!

And I totally agree about our kiddos marrying - we'll have to arrange it... :)

TheThirtiesGirl said...

Glad to hear that pumping is going better. That is a great picture!

Still A Guest Room said...

So glad the pump is helping! I turned my hospital pump in, you picked yours up...oh, the circle continues. And that picture is PRECIOUS!

TurtleMama said...

Aww - what a sweet picture! Glad you are getting a handle on the pumping. good to know about the lower suction actually being better - probably feels better too.

thebunlessoven said...

Don't get me started on pumping. My life has marched to the woosh woosh woosh of the hospital pump for nearly a month now!