Wednesday, August 25, 2010

pushing in back?

So we want to take a cruise. March 7, 2011is when we want to leave. Carnival doesn’t let you sail if you are 24+ weeks pregnant. If I get pregnant on September 24, I’ll be 24 weeks on the last day of the cruise.
So it all boils down to this, which is really about much more than this situation: do you plan for the worst-case scenario or the best-case scenario? And asking yourself that question makes you really wonder what you’re wishing for, anyway.
For instance, is having twins a factor of a worst-case or a best-case scenario?
Best case scenario: we get pregnant in late September/early October with one baby, it’s a healthy pregnancy, no risks involved, and I sail away free as a bird, albeit with a big belly.
Worst case scenario: It’s tempting to say this: I’m pregnant with twins and too miserable to travel, and there are complications with my pregnancy so my doctor won’t let me travel. But really, I think the worst case scenario is that it’s next March and I’m still not pregnant at all, cruise or no cruise.
I can tell I’m extremely excited about a trip and a vacation, because I am actually willing to push back the clomid a few weeks to make this trip happen. One benefit of being infertile is you can plan your “trying” around science and medicine, while regular women, whose bodies work like they should, are at the mercy of their cycle. So if I can get pregnant this fall and take a trip in the spring, I’ll be one happy camper.

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