Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Terrified in a good way, of course

A voicemail from Nurse Useless. It’s hard not to take it seriously, considering how difficult it is to get a hold of that woman in the first place, also considering this is the first time she’s called me back when she said she would.
September 2 has been in my mind since I started Metformin on June 10. In September, we can start clomid. Over Labor Day, we’ll be on the path to “trying” – really trying for the first time, even though we thought we were trying last Christmas.
So today I put in a friendly phone call to Nurse Useless. I was worried that on September 2 something unforeseen would cause a hitch in the plans. Oh,actually you can’t start clomid until you’ve been on metformin for three months and had these six blood tests. Something like that, you know? …So today I put in a friendly call to the nurse.
“So I just want to make sure I understand the timeline. I’ll take Provera, start a period, and take clomid on days 5-9 of the cycle. I’ll come in on day 12 or 13 (day 14 if it’s a weekend) for an ultrasound. We’ll verify that I’m about to ovulate and skip merrily on home to ‘time intercourse’. Right?” (Okay I left out the sarcasm)
Not only did I have it all pieced together correctly but – much to my surprise – Nurse Useless offered to consult with the doctor and get me started early. But but but but it’s only been 10 weeks! Can you hear my sputtering? Well I’ll check with the doctor, since you’re up to 2000 mg 10 weeks might be enough time.
Enter the voicemail from the nurse. I have another lovely prescription for Provera – my fourth – waiting for me at Meijer as we speak. The journey is really about to begin. And now I’m terrified.

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