Thursday, August 23, 2012


Just logging in to say that I love being a mom. Yes, I’m exhausted all the time, and it’s difficult to pump at work (verging on impossible, some days), and there are a lot more chores and a hell of a lot more laundry, and a lot less sleep, and some strain on the marriage, and my schedule is not my own, and I feel rushed a lot of the time. All of that is very, very true. And I do still cry from time to time, thinking "I’m doing it wrong", "I’m bad at this", and recently "I think he loves the babysitter more than he loves me."

But I’m also much happier than I remember being before. I wasn’t this happy when I was pregnant, and I certainly wasn’t this happy with I was struggling to get pregnant. I feel like myself. A new, mom version of myself, but it’s working for me, overall.

Here’s what my days look like.

6am – wake up.
6-6:45 – my husband gets Alex ready for daycare and entertains him. I get ready for work (breaking records every day in the arenas of fast showering, makeup applying and breakfast eating), and manage to squeeze in some snuggles and smiles with the baby.
6:45 – nurse
7 –
leave the house with baby in car seat, diaper bag, pump, lunch box, and purse. It takes two trips to get everything to the car!
7:30 –
drop Alex off at the sitter. Lots of kisses.
7:45 –
get to work
8 –
work day starts
9:30, 12:30, 3:30 –
pump, as long as meetings don’t interfere (adjust as needed)
3:30 –
my husband gets home and tidies up the house a bit, because he’s amazing.
4:15 –
off work
4:30 –
pick up Alex
5 –
get home. Immediately throw diapers in the wash (every other day).
5-6:30 –
the three of us play, prepare and eat dinner (my husband does most of the cooking in our house), and catch up on each other’s days. Alex usually nurses somewhere in there, depending on when he had his last bottle. If I’m washing diapers, I make a few trips downstairs to switch the washer settings and move from washer to dryer.
6:30 –
bedtime routine begins with a bath, followed by jammies, reflux medicine, nursing, swaddling, a story, a snuggle. This is my favorite thirty minutes of the day.
7 –
down in the bassinet
7-8 –
I tidy up the house, unpack the diaper bag, pack it for the next day, unpack and wash my pump parts, wash bottles, make bottles for the next day, pack my pump back up, pack my lunch, bring dry diapers upstairs for husband to stuff.
8 –
ahhhhh, I have a glass of wine and two Milano cookies. I relax for a while, sometimes read, sometimes watch TV, sometimes play on facebook and twitter. This is my second favorite part of the day.
9 –
start winding down for the night – let the dogs out one last time, lock up, finish up any laundry
9:30* –
in bed!
*please don’t read this to mean I’m getting 8.5 hours of sleep every night. Hardly. I’m still up about 4 times with the baby every night. Things are slowly improving, though, cross your fingers that things continue to get better.


MaryMargaret said...

I am so glad to see that someone else's brain works like mine. I feel like, since the babies were born, my life is broken down into 3 hour blocks between feedings. Knowing exactly what to expect each day is comforting, in a really OCD kind of way.

Also, thank you for being brave enough to admit that life isn't magically perfect once you become a mom. It's amazing, and rewarding in a way I never thought possible, but I feel terrible when those thoughts enter my head. Fingers crossed that the nighttime feedings space out soon!

Alex said...

Love reading your schedule. Very interesting, and yet very similar... Wine and two milano cookies - fabulous!

I especially love reading about how you're happier now than before. Couldn't agree with you more!