Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IVF study

Today I had the pleasure of participating in an IVF study being conducted by Jody Madeira at Indiana State University. I first read about this on another blog, and I understand it was in the LFCA as well.  

Jody is studying informed consent and its role in IVF/fertility treatments. I really enjoyed speaking with her. She asked a lot of very good questions and we had an excellent conversation. I feel strongly that her research is important and I can’t wait to follow up as she publishes what she’s finding.

All you have to do to participate in the study is

1)      be going through IVF now, or have gone through it in the past five years
2)      contact Jody at and
3)      complete a phone interview.

The interview should last between 45 minutes and an hour 15 minutes, although mine lasted an hour 45 minutes (because I always have a lot to say!)

Jody will interview everyone who contacts her, there is no “selection process” -- everyone’s story is of interest to her.

And, as if you needed more of an incentive, there is also an amazon gift card available when you complete the interview! I encourage everyone who has experienced IVF to get involved : )

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Chickenpig said...

I have seriously thought about it. It is hard for me to get that kind of free time on the phone, though. Maybe if she is willing to hold the phone interview at night. :)