Tuesday, February 21, 2012


  1. Is anyone ever pregnant for long enough that she stops marveling at the feeling of a living being squirming inside of her? I’ve been feeling him move for 9 full weeks now and every time it happens I am still filled with awe and wonder. Also, if I’m being honest, a bit of “that’s some creepy science fiction shit” amazement.

  1. Today I emailed a work colleague a question. She immediately called to answer it. This annoys me. She called twice more and I ignored all three calls and finally sent her this email: This is probably going to sound really silly, but will you email the answer to me? I get this question all the time and should probably keep a record of the answer.” What does she do? SHE FREAKING CALLS ME for the FOURTH time to answer the question. Can I be any more explicit in my needs, just for them to be ignored?

  1. A few months ago, my supervisor left for a “job rotation”, which if you believe the rumor mills is a permanent change. I certainly hope so, because before she left she completely burned me on my 2011 performance review, despite the fact that 2011 was my most productive year yet and she (!) promoted me, apparently based on nothing, because my review is full of my bad attitude, etc. (Actually, I think I had a pretty damn GOOD attitude considering I had surgery THREE TIMES in 2011) Any way, my new supervisor completely kicks ass and sends me emails like “your baby is your #1 priority right now” and today (surprise!) gave me a substantial, completely unexpected raise. In addition to the scheduled raise I get in two months! Hooray for when the corporate machine FINALLY works in your favor.

  1. I drive a tiny little sedan and became concerned that the stroller we registered for wouldn’t fold up sufficiently to fit in the trunk (this actually happened to someone I know who just had a baby – after she had lost the receipt and assembled the stroller and is now stuck with it). So I went to BRU today and asked if I could wheel it out and see if it would fit in my trunk. Based on the level of security this involved (three separate walkie-talkie conversations and an escort so I wasn’t touching the stroller unsupervised), you would think I was asking to borrow the Hope diamond and test-mount it in my engagement ring setting. (PS I don’t know what kind of unholy stroller the other person registered for – mine fits).

  1. Last night I ate so much for dinner that my belly button started hurting. I didn’t know that was possible. Have I just discovered a new frontier for fat, pregnant women?

  1. I’m currently on my fourth (or fifth, maybe?) trip through the Harry Potter series. Do I feel like a huge nerd for this? Not at all. Do I feel like it threatens my legitimacy as someone who has an English degree and Takes Reading Seriously? No, I do not. Do I hope that my baby is absorbing the story and comes out loving all things Hogwarts, maybe even with a tiny lightening-shaped scar on his forehead? Absolutely.

  1. I have been reading a lot of mimismartypants archives recently because I got to meet her last week!! It was wonderful! Anyway, that’s why I have the urge to write down in a snarky, frantic way everything that’s running through my head today.

  1. My husband has a cold. I think this is pretty fair preparation for having an infant in the house.

That is all.


Elphaba said...

Oh man, I can't wait for the day I can read Harry Potter to Alice. They're already all on her bookshelf waiting for her.

Heather said...

The kicking is just incredible, I agree.. I see we are due the same month! Enjoy your pregnancy.